Things to Know in Futon Cover Maintenance

Washing and cleaning the futon and its cover should be easy and effortlessly. You don’t necessarily have to be a rocket scientist to get the things done. Make sure that you really know what to do so you can prevent any possible mistakes and errors that can lead to the damage of your cover.

The Basic Things


Basically, you can always manage the cleaning on your own. Here are some of the basic guidance that you should know about the proper way of cleaning the futon cover.


• Use cold water – unless you are told to use warm (or even boiling hot) water. Find additional information at futon cover. In most cases, most futon covers only need to use cold water to maintain the color and the longevity of the fabric and material.


• Use low heat setting when you dry it with a dryer. Unless the instruction specially asks you to use higher temperature setting, you should always go with the low setting.


• If want to dry it without using the machine, it is best to air dry it. Avoid it from the direct exposure to the sun as it will cause fading. Even when you dry it indoor, make sure to avoid hanging the cover too close to the windows. Choose a cool spot with the shady setting.